In this short post you will learn how to buy IOTA.

1. Buy Bitcoins

Right now it is not possible to purchase IOTA directly from dollars or euros. In this case we need to buy bitcoins first to buy IOTA with bitcoins.
To buy Bitcoins you head over to Coinbase (Click here) where you register and verify yourself.

After you bought your Bitcoins it is time to send them to binance.

2. Register on Binance

Binance is the exchange where we will buy our IOTA.
At first you want to register yourself at Binance (Click here).
If you want u can use the Referral Code: 11121635

If you are on a PC
After you registered yourself you go to Funds (1) and click on Deposit (2)

When you are on the deposit site we search the bitcoin row an click on the Deposit (3) Button on the right.

If you clicked the button than you can see your BTC Deposit Adress (4). Copy this address.

If you are in the Binance App
After you registered yourself you go to Funds (1) and click on Deposit (2).
Be sure that you choose your BTC Wallet (3) and click on Copy Address (4).

Binance IOTA Tutorial Binance IOTA Tutorial

3. Send BTC from Coinbase to Binance

Now we have to send the bitcoins we bought on coinbase to binance.
For that you go back to coinbase and go to Accounts where you click the BTC Wallet.
Click send and enter the address you copied just a few seconds ago. On your smartphone you can find the send button as a paperplane.

Dont panic the transaction takes some minutes.

4. Buy IOTA

Finally we come to the step were we buy our IOTA.

If you are in the Binance App
For that we go into the Binance App and go to the Tab Trades (1).
If you bought Bitcoins you choose IOTA/BTC (2)  and if you bought Ethereum you choose IOTA/ETH (2).
Then you switch to Market Order (3) and after that it is your choice how much IOTA you want to buy.
If you want to buy for 100% of your Bitcoins you hit the 100% Button (4).
Finally you hit Buy(5) and your Order is placed!